COVID 19 Announcement:

To our members and local design community,


This year certainly took a change in direction, one that obviously none of us saw coming.  We hope that everyone is adjusting to their new Work-From-Home life, virtual learning, stay safe at home orders, and all the other crazy changes that have been thrown our way.  We would always welcome and appreciate any information or feedback that you are seeing in your work, how you think your firm or organization might cope in the future, and how you see this impacting your clients.  The more we can learn and share with each other, the more resilient we can be as a community.


In review of the Governor’s orders, the MIDA Board of Directors has decided that it is in the best interest of the organization and our members to cancel the events listed below that were set to happen this summer and fall.  It is with a heavy heart that this decision was made, but given the information we currently have, and the difficulty of planning large events when there are unknown restrictions potentially in place, we believe we will be better off looking towards events in the 2021 calendar year.


  • Head Shot Members Event

  • Zero Landfill with Ruth’s Reusable Resources

  • The Taste

  • Fall Kick Off Event

  • Beaux Arts Ball


We do hope to have a winter gathering in December.  But we will look to the state guidelines and feedback within our community to determine this at a later date.  Safety will be first.  But trust us…we are anxious to see everyone.


The board also approved the motion to extend all membership fees purchased after November of 2019 for another year.  We realize that with the cancelation of our events, and the impact of this situation on the economy, that this was necessary to help our members.  If you have questions on when your membership is set to expire, we can help get you that information. 


Lastly, we realize that a lot of information is moving to a virtual and digital platform.  We do have a community section on our website.  While MIDA’s policy is not to promote sponsored events, we are more than happy to post information on the community section of our website that would be valuable to our members.  All active members are welcome to submit their requests.  We ask that you send a single image (pdf or jpeg), with all event information listed on that image.  The event must be of benefit to our design community, and we ask that you send at least two weeks prior to the event to ensure we have time to post.  We will not send out individual emails about these events, but encourage you to check out the section of our website periodically for new information. 


Please email us at with any comments, questions, concerns, or requests.  We would love to hear from you.


Stay healthy and safe,

The MIDA Board of Directors

©2018 by MIDA